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A fun twist on a west coast classic: the Birkenstock Siena

July 10, 2020 • posted in Shoes, Special Events, The Store

Birkenstocks are a perennial fixture of west coast summer style, combining comfort and casual style. We have many styles to choose from: the Birk classics, as well as the limited edition styles, like the Siena in cognac floral print leather pictured here. This is the last summer we will be carrying Birkenstocks, so come get […]

Making a bold statement with Wondersfly

July 9, 2020 • posted in Shoes, Special Events, The Store

Made in Spain with love, Wonders are always a customer and staff favourite. We have the widest selection of Wonders in the world, and all of our summer styles are now 20% off! If you’re looking to add a pop to your summer wardrobe, these bold platform sandals are the perfect choice!

French favourite Veja Esplars

July 8, 2020 • posted in Shoes, Special Events, The Store

French brand Veja was formed in 2005 with sustainability in mind. Their chic street shoes are practical and stylish, with hardwearing soles made from sustainably sourced natural rubber from the Amazon. All Veja styles are now 20% off⁠—this will be the final season we carry them, so find your perfect fit before they are gone!