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The Prettiest Suede from Gabor

October 21, 2020 • posted in Shoes

The winter months can be dark and gloomy; a dark wardrobe is ever-present on the streets as grey skies loom overhead. Add some color to your wardrobe this year with a suede navy boot from Gabor! This subtle hue of royal blue is stunning and will stay vibrant for years with good care. Featuring an […]

Gabor Lace-up Brogue Heels

October 17, 2020 • posted in Shoes

A truly ageless design, the brogue lace-up is an effortless way to add a bit of vintage flair to any look! This shoe is perfect for our mild Fall weather in Victoria, pairing easily with a beautiful skirt, nylons or a fitted trouser. Gorgeous chestnut leather enases the foot with subtle brogue detailing.Gabor’s dedication to […]

Gabor Brogue Oxford

September 26, 2020 • posted in Shoes

Pretty in patent, these platform oxfords are going to keep you dry in the drizzle this fall. Easily styled up or down for casual or dress wear, these oxfords are a modern take on a classic style. We also carry these in a smooth, matte leather and a slip on loafer platform in patent black […]

Fall Styles from Gabor

September 23, 2020 • posted in Shoes

Although we have yet to receive our full collection from Gabor, some tried and true styles have returned this season, like these navy blue oxfords. Comfortable, sleek and classic, this fashionable shoe will pair with any Autumn outfit. Visit us to see our large collection of styles from Gabor, and check back often as we […]

Gabor 40% Off

September 1, 2020 • posted in Shoes

This bold platform sandal from Gabor is sure to turn heads and start conversations! This comfortable and graphic style elevates even the most simple of outfits and adds a touch of athletic-inspired streetwear. Pair it with other sporty items to play up the effect, or a floral dress for a cool contrast. 

30% Off Gabor

August 13, 2020 • posted in Shoes

This summer style from Gabor offers an elegant twist on a casual sandal. The nubuck leather ankle strap, fastened with velcro, gently hugs your ankle and keeps this style secure, and the rubber sole keeps your feet protected as you are enjoying your summer adventures! Easy to style up or down, these sandals are featured […]