The United Nude story: so romantic!

January 29, 2013 • posted in Shoes

UN 04 - web
The United Nude story begins with a broken heart. Rem’s attempt to get the girl back was made by downsizing architecture to its smallest and most vulnerable scale, that of a woman’s foot. While most romantic notions are often foolish, what was hatched through the inspiration of romance was the ‘Möbius’ shoe. The girl was gone, but he knew the shoe had to become real. Now add Galahad to our story. The seventh generation of the Clark’s shoe-making dynasty.When Rem and Galahad first met, Galahad saw the Möbius shoe design, and he was instantly convinced that a new brand had to be formed. Together, Rem and Galahad created United Nude in 2003 and the brand is sold in over 40 countries worldwide and has a booming retail business with flagship stores in Amsterdam, London, New York and Shanghai.

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