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Audley sophistication

September 28, 2011 • posted in Shoes

At first, this black leather pump from Audley blends in with it’s environment. But then, it’s subtle touches and elegant lines take over to make a surprisingly strong statement. Sophisticated and quietly beautiful. You could imagine Audrey Hepburn wearing these shoes.

Mary Jane pump from Jump

September 25, 2011 • posted in Shoes

These Mary Jane pumps in black and moka are from Jump. Comfortable, flattering and beautifully detailed. Looks great from a distance and even better up close.

J Shoes make great shoes

September 21, 2011 • posted in Shoes

This is the tan and olive contrast heel from J Shoes. Exceptional materials infused with original touches and superb craftsmanship characterize these beautiful and individual shoes.

Summer shoe sale ends September 30

September 19, 2011 • posted in Shoes, Special Events

You have only a few more days to take advantage of incredible discounts on Summer shoes – half price! That’s right, Nancy, 50% off! Hopefully, there is still some summer left, or maybe you’re going to someplace warm this winter. And there is always next year. Time limited offer!

Audley black bootie

September 17, 2011 • posted in Shoes

This shoe can accomplish serious goals all on it’s own. Boost egos in a single bound. Cause heads to turn and turn again. Elevate moods (as well as stature). Amazing!

Its boot season!

September 15, 2011 • posted in Shoes

This black leather slouch wedge boot is from Jump. Jump merges chic Asian cool with a decidedly European flair.