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Check out our new brands

August 29, 2011 • posted in Accessories, Shoes, The Store

We invite you to look at the many new lines of shoes and accessories that we have featured in the ‘Brands’ section. We’ve been carrying some of these (like Liquid Metal) for a while but have just now provided a description. Others (like Ash) are new lines that have just come in or are due to […]

Toms Classics for the Fall

August 29, 2011 • posted in Shoes

Wow! Lot’s of new Toms Classics for the Fall of 2011. Here we have (from upper left) Metallic Tweed Classics, Gold Metallic Woven Classics, Pewter Metallic Woven Classics, Burgundy Houndstooth Classics, Scottish Houndstooth Classics, English Herringbone Classics, Bottle Green Cord Classics, Camel Cord Classics and Mustard Cord Classics. The easy part is coming into Head over Heels. The hard part is making a […]

Toms has desert boots

August 28, 2011 • posted in Shoes

An international cult classic, the Desert Boot was inspired by the crepe-soled boots worn by British officers in World War Two. The timeless styling has remained unchanged for more than fifty years. Step into the tradition! (With a distinctive Toms spin, of course.) Here we have Black Suede Desert Boots, Green Suede Desert Boots and, of course, […]

Toms fleece botas

August 27, 2011 • posted in Shoes

These are the Highlands Ash Fleece Botas and the Highlands Brown Fleece Botas. How do you spell ‘cozy’? Are you ready for winter? These are part of our extensive collection of Toms for the Fall of 2011.

Toms wedges for the Fall

August 27, 2011 • posted in Shoes

Did we mention that we have many, many Toms for the Fall? Here are two: the Camel Cord Wrap Wedge and the Metallic Tweed Wedge. How to decide? One for the left and one for the right? Who says that’s weird?

Funny shoes, Chapter 4

August 26, 2011 • posted in The Store

These are the two-dogs-playing shoes. And, no, Betty, you can’t buy these shoes either. Pictures of very serious (and very beautiful) fall shoes and boots coming soon.